Older Dogs

Dogs are incredible creatures to have as pets, undoubtedly, however, caring for them includes giving them optimal attention and paying mind to their health. It is unarguable that asides all the love you can give your dog, feeding constitutes a crucial part of caring for your pet. This brings us to an all-important topic of choosing the best dog food brands for older dogs.

The idea of what can be described as the “best dog food brands for older dogs” may quite be relative as each brand has specifics that make them unique and different from other products. Before we dive right into our list of excellent brands, it is super important to set some metrics for what we classify as the best brands you can pick when food shopping for your older dogs and they include. This is not an exclusive list of things to look out for in your day to day life but they sure can serve as a foundation for you to work with!

  1. Quality ingredients-every dog food must include quality ingredients that offer the best nutrients to the dog and as such, this list would be focused on brands that utilize quality ingredients that offer premium nutritional value to older dogs.
  2. Manufacturing principles-this is like the beliefs held on firmly by the brands, the brands on this list are focused on the well being of your dogs and are not squarely focused on making maximum profit.
  3. States primary source of protein-dogs are mostly carnivores which means that they mostly consume meals that have high meat content than anything else. In this list, we would be mentioning brands that have identified sources of protein rather than the ones that do not.


Dog food for older dogs

This is not an exclusive list of things to look out for in your day to day life but they sure can serve as a foundation for you to work with! Here are some of the top brands we have identified, they sure have great dog foods for older dogs.

    Gather Dog Foods

    This dog food was created to not only help your dog feel good but to also help you feel great that you are doing their health a whole lot of good by feeding them a cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable formula. As highlighted in our basic metric list above, Gather holds its products in high regards and fiercely follow practices that ensure their immediate environment is not degraded. Asides from being organic and GMO-free, here are a few other benefits;

    • Sustainably sourced meats
    • Suitable for older dogs
    • Comes in three flavours for dogs including; vegan formula, Chicken, and Cod.
    • Impeccable quality of ingredients used
    • Eco-friendly packaging.
      Chicken Dog Food

      Now Fresh Dog Food

      Fresh Food for older dogs

      Now fresh utilizes the least processed yet healthiest high quality and tastiest ingredients in their grain-free senior dog food. This meal uses amongst other ingredients de-boned turkey, tomatoes, peas, potato, dried rosemary, de-boned duck, pumpkin, flaxseed, carrots, broccoli, papaya, and lentils.

      In this dog food, you can count on getting;

      • A healthy balance of fats and protein to ensure weight management
      • An infusion of L-Carnitine that helps your pet to burn fat while supporting its health
      • Pre +probiotics to aid digestion
      • Omega oils to protect coat and skin health

      Big Country Raw Dog Food

      BCR dog food has been referred to by many of the best pre-made raw food available in the market. It is said that raw food can prove useful to the optimal health of your pets and BCR strives to bring that premium dog food experience to the table.

      BCR is renowned for good practices when it comes to the production of its premium dog foods as they make use of fresh ingredients that have undergone thorough inspection and quality control processes. Benefits of BCR include;

      • Flavorful options that include Chicken, beef turkey and in some cases, kangaroos and rabbits.
      • Perfectly suitable for consumption by older dogs
      • All ingredients asides kangaroo are sourced from within Canada.
          Raw Dog Food


          Vegan older dog food

          Boreal aims to help your dogs maintain the healthiest lifestyle ever! Their products offer low starch content and high simple proteins with the core goal of helping your dog enjoy maintaining healthy weights and fostering their general well being. The benefits of buying Boreal include but is not limited to the following;

          • A healthy dose of a protein crucial to the health and well being of your pet
          • Offers a great fusion of vegetables and fruits needed to provide anti-oxidants
          • No cereals, grains or starch
          • Includes probiotics that help aid digestion.

          older dogs may sometimes require more attention than the younger ones and finding the right diet is one of the best ways to keep them in great shape and health, we hope this list helps you get started at least!